So, while many of you have been thinking of other things, my book has come out – and to critical acclaim. Or more precisely to a review in the Daily Telegraph that I am pleased to say gives it five stars. You can read it here.

A five-star review has also appeared on Amazon, and it’s not by me but by a regular reviewer there who goes by the name of ‘oldbiker’. Here: I have developed a sudden affection for old bikers everywhere.

That seems a pretty good start. (I give warning, though, that I will not necessarily report every review I get here.)
Meanwhile I have had a piece published in the Independent on Sunday magazine that is not an extract but more a condensation of the parts of the book dealing with (and to the best of my ability dismissing) the antisemitic myth that Nathan Rothschild made a stock market killing thanks to exclusive news of Waterloo. You can read that here:

It stirred a bit of interest on Twitter. You can read lots more about the Rothschild angle in the book, and on the website:

And if you can get to north London on Wednesday evening (13 May) a chance to hear me talk a little about the book at the Muswell Hill Bookshop on Fortis Green Road. See here: