In the Financial Times, Europe editor Tony Barber reviewed The News From Waterloo alongside two other works that are more directly about the battle. Since the full review is behind the FT’s partial paywall I will quote a couple of passages:

He refers first to ‘Brian Cathcart’s entertaining, expertly researched account of how the British government and public were first informed of Wellington’s victory.’

Later he writes: ‘Cathcart provides an exuberant account of how various misleading rumours swept London before Major Henry Percy, Wellington’s messenger, arrived… Where he breaks ground is by exploding the myth that Nathan Rothschild, a prominent banker, received the news of Wellington’s victory long before anyone else . . .’

Elsewhere, there were kind words about The News From Waterloo from the blogger who writes Catherine’s Cultural Wednesdays. ‘I loved this book,’ she concludes. ‘How the news got back to London is not something that I have ever given a moment’s thought to but the excitement and derring-do of the tale had me enthralled.’