Accused teen “doctor” arrested again at Virginia car dealership

STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. — The Florida teen accused of practicing medicine without a license in Florida has been arrested again — this time in Virginia, reports CBS affiliate WTVR.

19-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson was arrested after employees at Kargar Motors Car Dealership grew suspicious when he and an elderly woman allegedly attempted to buy a Jaguar for $35,000. 

After he completed an online credit application in which he listed the elderly woman on the application, workers searched his name online and found out about the pending cases against him. Investigators were then called, according to the station.

The employees were concerned that Love-Robison might have been trying to fraudulently buy the car and stealing money from the woman he claimed to be his mother, a police spokesperson told reporters. 

“The dealership told Mr. Love-Robinson that they would call him when his credit application was approved and he left the dealership,” Major Don Lenhart said.

After the employees contacted investigators, they called the 19-year-old back to the dealership, telling him that his application was approved. But when he got there, police were waiting.

Love-Robinson then told deputies that he was trying to purchase two cars — one for himself and the other for his godmother. He allegedly told them she had signed the loan and admitted to being out on bond for practicing medicine without a license. The woman then told deputies that she was a distant relative of his and that he considered her to be his godmother, according to WTVR.

While she told investigators she did not feel as if she was in any danger, she was surprised to learn the teenager used her name as a cosigner on the Jaguar and said she had no intention to do so.

When the dealership ran her credit, they found two other loan applications submitted in the last couple days with her information that she had not done, police say. An additional check with her credit card company revealed that there had been a $1,200 charge for two iPads and a cellphone that she did not purchase.