Burglar leaves note: “I stole your stuff because my brother told me to”

HOUSTON — A Texas homeowner says a burglar with childish handwriting and syntax left behind a pair of notes explaining what was stolen and why, reports CBS affiliate KHOU.

“I stole your stuffe (sic) because my borther (sic) told me to,” read one note recovered by Joseph Alvarado at his home on Monday, where he says a suspect or suspects jumped his fence, then kicked in his back door.

In the other note, the word “We” is crossed out, before the author writes, “I broke in … haha … and took your PS3, controlers (sic), games, and computer…by: a kid haha.” 

Alvarado said it was “heart-wrenching” to read the notes, especially because he’s a special education teacher who deals with middle-school kids.

“It is super hard just to know that this is somebody that made the wrong choice. Somebody decided to kick open somebody’s door, break some items and take some stuff and thought that was a good choice,” Alvarado told KHOU.

Alvarado filed a police report, but no suspects have been identified in the case.