Custom Hanging Business Signs in NYC

custom hanging business signs NYC

Custom hanging business signs are a great way to draw attention to your business in New York City. It is a means of identification and a way to advertise and promote what you have to offer to your potential customers. A custom hanging sign is a perfect way to stand out in the sea of businesses. Besides, you’ll get to portray the exact image you want to give off to the public. Another major advantage of a hanging business sign in the crowded city of New York is its visibility from a distance.

Different Types of Custom Hanging Business Signs

Outdoor hanging business signs can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can also be made from a variety of materials. When choosing the perfect hanging sign for your business, you should consider its durability, cost, aesthetic value, placement or location, and how well it portrays your business. Take a look at different types of outdoor hanging signs for business.

Aluminum Hanging Signs

Numerous business owners make use of aluminum hanging signs because they are durable and very eye-catching. They are weather-resistant and come in a variety of custom designs. The popular shapes of aluminum signs are squares and rectangles but they could also come in other shapes as well. Aluminum signs have different thicknesses and your choice of thickness will depend on the height or mounting location of your business sign. If you run your business in a building full of other businesses, a custom aluminum hanging sign is a great way to stand out as well as attract potential customers.

Dibond Hanging Signs

Dibond hanging signs is one of the strongest outdoor hanging signs for business in the market. They combines the quality of being strong and resilient as well as being lightweight. An uncoated Dibond sign can remain vibrant and eye-catching for as long as three(3) years while a UV-protected Dibond hanging sign can last up to five(5) years outdoors. It is just as good as an aluminum sign as it is made from a solid plastic core between two sheets of aluminum. The solid plastic core is responsible for its durability.  Dibond signs are available in different shapes and sizes and you can customize them the way you desire. A Dibond hanging business signs works both as an outdoor and indoor sign.

PVC Hanging Signs

PVC plastic signs make great interior hanging signs because they are almost impossible to miss. They are great attention grabbers and completely fulfill the purpose of a hanging sign. They are lightweight and are can be customized in very beautiful and unique ways. PVC signs are so eye-catching and beautiful that they can double as an interior decoration as well as a business sign. Most businessess chose them as best solution for their hanging door business sign design.

Those signs are smear-resistant and easy to maintain. They have smooth printable surfaces so you get clear and high-quality prints. You could go for the double-sided PVC sign to make sure your customers can see the sign from both directions. Your customers will certainly appreciate your ability to pass your message in such an aesthetically pleasing manner. 

Banner Hanging Signs

Banners are one of the most common types of hanging signs. They are quite convenient because they are inexpensive and can be installed quite easily.  There is a variety of finishing options for your banner and you get to customize them the way you like. Banners can be designed with any graphic of your choice and can be as large and as small as you want. Most banners are made from vinyl, which is majorly responsible for their durability as well their weather-resistant ability. You can make your choice between a glossy or a matte finish. Asides from their great quality, they also make a great choice for a hanging business sign because they can easily be removed and transported.

Alumalite Hanging Signs

A characteristic feature of an alumalite custom hanging sign is its lightweight. If you need a hanging sign that is lightweight but still durable, then you should consider an alumalite hanging sign. It is made of two sheets of aluminum permanently bonded to a plastic core. Alumalite metal signs are usually capped with either black or white plastic trim to which gives it a very professional and smooth finish. This sign looks a lot like an aluminum sign and is just as durable. They can be mounted on walls of fences and should be strategically installed such that they can be seen from far distances. 

Dura-Wood Hanging Signs

A Colorful wood hanging sign gives off a traditional yet welcoming impression. You can make sure your wooden sign is sturdy and durable by making use of dura-wood. Dura-wood signs are easy to customize and you can personalize your sign with a vinyl graphic or any other graphics of your choice. It can also be made into any shape that you want as well. With a dura-wood hanging sign, You don’t have to worry about a strong wind or bad weather affecting your hanging sign especially when it is installed outdoors. Not only are dura-wood hanging signs affordable, but you can also be assured that your sign will remain sturdy and in place for the longest time. An attractive-looking dura-wood hanging sign would attract the average New Yorker, making it a good advertising strategy for your business.

HDU Hanging Signs

HDU signs can be designed and customized in so many beautiful ways. These oudoor signs look like wooden signs but are much more versatile and inexpensive. HDU, just like wood,  can be worked in so many ways to look like different finishes such as wood grain, pebbled, and even stoned. High-Density-Urethane (HDU) is a water-proof material, weather-resistant as well as rot and chemical resistant. HDU custom hanging business signs are very attractive and can last for as long as 8-10 years. The key to making sure your HDU keeps looking great is by properly maintaining it. Ensure your HDU sign is not covered in dirt. You could also repaint it if you feel it has begun to look faded. It does not cost you a lot of money and time to maintain so you can enjoy your money’s worth with this beautiful custom hanging sign.